La Porrona Montisi | Azienda Agricola
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La Porrona is a certified organic farm located in the Val d’Asso, in the province of Siena. The property extends over 70 hectares made up of woodland, arable land, vineyards and olive groves. La Porrona is cultivated in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Its unique ‘terroir’ is nurtured and respected in order to preserve the authenticity of its fruit and to produce wine, oil and grappa of the very highest quality.

the Grappa

Our Spirit

The products of the estate

Brusone Wine

A ruby-coloured wine with an intense bouquet of red and black fruits. It is rounded and velvety on the palate with soft tannic notes. The 75 cl bottles are available in boxes of six, and magnums in boxes of four.

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The Olio

La Porrona’s organic extra-virgin olive oil has a fruity aroma and complex taste, which reveals all the flavours of the olives. The 50 cl and 75 cl bottles are available in boxes of six.

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The Grappa

A grappa which retains a high concentration of aromas with sweet, harmonious notes that’s smooth on the palate. Best drunk from a stemmed glass.

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Where we are

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